Richard's Birthday at Sea World '97

On August 2, 1997 Richard turned 49 and became on official niner. The day was spent with his lovely wife Wendy at Sea World in San Diego.
Before they ever left the house, Wendy decided to play with the new Quicktake 200 camera that was bought by Chula Vista High School.

She got everything set up and had Richard take this picture of her.

As you can see, she has on clothes that her sister Tammy was going to get rid of at a garage sale. The top is from Nordstrom and will probably outlive all humans on the planet.

Anyway, after the happy couple is sure that they can use the camera, or at least pretend to use the camera, they take off for Sea World.

Here they explore the new ride Wild Arctic. It is a simulated helicopter ride that also goes under water. (It is amazing what they think people will believe.)

After exiting the ride you walk through some really cool (temperature wise) exhibits. The whales pictured at the right were being fed by the humans in the kayak that is sitting on the water.

Then Richard and Wendy decide to go sit at the lovely Harborside Cafe and enjoy a seafood salad.

Here is Richard looking dashing at the outside table.

And at last, the couple decided to scare Wendy by taking the sky tram across to the other side of the bay and back. richard

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